Brad Fox is a writer, journalist, translator, and former relief contractor living in New York. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review Daily, Guernica, and other places. His novel To Remain Nameless (Rescue Press, 2020) was a finalist for the Big Other Fiction award and a staff pick at The Paris Review. He has been a resident at the Sacatar Foundation in Brazil and La Napoule in France. He has received grants and awards from the CUNY Center for the Humanities, the Futures Initiative, the Berlin Senat, and the Roma World Congress. He has an MFA from Hunter College and a PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center. He has taught literature and writing at City College in Harlem, and has been featured on podcasts such as Writers Voices, The Other Stories, the Downtown Writers Jam, and DIYMFA. His book, The Bathysphere Book, a work of creative nonfiction about deep ocean explorer William Beebe and his expeditions off the coast of Bermuda, was recently acquired by Astra House Press and is scheduled for publication in spring 2023.

Twitter @bredfoks